Press Conference “Justice for Jeremiah?”

Tuesday, 30 june 2015 at 13.00 in Meinekestraße 7

Press Conference  “Justice for Jeremiah?”
Chamber of Solicitors: Serdar Kaya & Christian Noll
Meinekestrasse 7
10719 Berlin
justice for jeremiah
Am 30. 06. 2015 um 13:00 Uhr.
  • Hans-Christian Ströbele

    german politician for the green party

  • Ursula Caberta

    former politician and State Official for Hamburg and expert on Cults

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institute of race relations: german justice. from Jeremiah Duggan to Halit Yozgat by Liz Fekete (March 12, 2015) &

Following the recent verdict of the three-day British Inquest that discounted the suicide verdict of the Wiesbaden authorities concerning the death of Jeremiah Duggan a public meeting for press and concerned citizens is to be held.  The British coroner stated that a far right wing organization could have been involved. The family’s lawyers will issue a public letter calling upon the authorities to take account of this and instigate an immediate independent far reaching investigation. Hans-Christian Ströbele, German Politician for the Green party (parliamentary duties allowing) will address the wider issues this case rises. Also  Ursula Caberta, former politician and State Official for Hamburg and expert on Cults will speak about the dangers and difficulties.


Jeremiah Duggan a British, Jewish student died in Wiesbaden, Germany on 27 March 2003. He was 22 years student in Paris, from where he was lured to Germany ostensibly to take part in a peace conference but in reality also aimed at recruiting him for a political cult. This international network is headed by a convicted fraudster Lyndon LaRouche. Jeremiah became worried by the anti-british and anti-semitic stance and then in the night rang his mother begging to be rescued from danger. Thirty minutes later his dead body was found on the side of a motorway outside the town of Wiesbaden. The death, instantly dismissed by the German police as “suicide” was considered not to merit a proper investigation.

In fact not  a single verifiable witness statement was taken. Nor was there any medical examination of the injuries to see if they were sustained in the alleged road crash. The post mortem, deemed necessary by the doctor whose sole job amounted to identifying that Jeremiah was dead and who recommended a post mortem - her note of request was disregarded. After years of legal action in 2012 an extremely rare court order by the Frankfurt High Court ( OLG- Oberlandsgericht) verdict was critical of the way the death had not been properly investigated. Despite this verdict, the Wiesbaden Prosecution office contacted the self same police detective who was responsible for the case in 2003, despite his destroying vital evidence in the beginning. He was then appointed, despite legal complaints being made.


•   The Duggan family’s lawyers will make public their letter urging the Wiesbaden Prosecutor to take into account the findings of the British Inquest and as a matter of urgency instigate a wide-ranging, unbiased investigation.

•   Two highly esteemed speakers mentioned above will speak concerning wider issues raised and address the question does the State have a duty to protect against the threats posed by extremist groups as in this case.

•   Erica Duggan will outline the obstacles faced during her 12 year campaign to achieve a proper investigation. She will give a report on the scope covered by the British Inquest and what was revealed about Jeremiah being under attack. This will include reports on the LaRouche cult and how it posed a threat to Jeremiah and his safety.

•   The difficulties that the families in the NSU cases faced is  shared in the case of Jeremiah. There is a lack of any workable mechanism for an independent police complaints commission in Germany. This can clearly be shown in the respect of the failure to properly investigate the death of Jeremiah over so many years and how the problems of institutional failure persists to this day.

•   Questions will be raised about why a political cult with its European headquarters in Wiesbaden, that carries responsibility for inciting hatred and spreading anti-Semitic and anti-british conspiracy theories throughout the world, is apparently granted immunity by the German state.

•   The difficulties arising in dealing with cases like this that concern different countries, where preserving diplomatic relations come before the interest of Truth and Justice will be discussed.

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The family is represented in Germany by: Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll; Tel. 0049 30 62 72 96 62;,