KoopsAfter „ID-withoutcolors“: R. Valsecchi talks about his new film“Schwarzkopf BRD“ in IndieWire

21. August 2014by KOP Importer0


IndieWire, August 18, 2014

As he did just over a year ago with his film „I.D. – Without Colors“, the Berlin-based Italian photographer, Riccardo Valsecchi, who is also a member of the Berlin chapter of Shoot4Change, shows that problems that African-Americans face in this country on a daily basis are not unique to this country.

In „I.D – Without Colors,“ he dealt with the racial profiling of black and people of color in Germany, and now, with his new film, „Schwarzkopf BRD,“ Valsecchi tells the story of a group of kids from various immigrant backgrounds who attend the Jugendtheaterbüro Moabit (a youth theater workshop in the inner city neighborhood of Morbit in Berlin) – who “supported by their own experiences as victims of racism, they decide to stage a piece about the history of US Civil Rights Movement in order to understand how to react and to survive against the racial brutality of German police and society.” read more

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