Racial ProfilingPolice Raids in Görlitzer Park: Are they Racist? Interview of Radio Spätkauf with Biplab Basu (KOP)

2. November 2012by KOP Importer0

Radio Spätkauf asks: Have you witnessed a police raid in Görlitzer Park that only targets black people? Would you be prepared to tell the police to stop racial profiling? One anti-racism group is asking you to do just that (and if you do, you should contact them at http://reachoutberlin.de/ – even if you’re not registered or have no visa).

you can listen to the whole interview: http://radiospaetkauf.com/episode-18-police-raids-in-gorlitzer-park-are-they-racist/ 

more infos about Radio Spätkauf: http://radiospaetkauf.com/

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