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3. Juli 2015by KOP Importer0

network welcome to europe (w2eu): statement on the occasion of the demonstration on 29th of June 2015 in Syntagma, Athens

With this statement, we, the antiracist network welcome to europe, wants to express its deep solidarity with the struggle of the people in Greece for a future of solidarity and true democracy.

We have followed the developments of the last five years in Greece and know of the devastating consequences the EUropean policies of austerity and authoritarianism have led to. We know of the havoc that the memorandum-politics have wrecked in the social and political life in Greece. We know of the individual hardships and collective humiliations that were suffered. We know of the destruction in all areas of society.

We know all this because we have not listened to the lies and deceptions of the EUropean propaganda about Greece. We know all this because we have maintained close contacts with solidarity initiatives, grassroots movements, antifascist groups and structures of refugee and migrant solidarity that have fought back, in every day life, all these years. Against the destruction of social structures. Against the authoritarian politics. Against the rise of the fascists. And against the borders and the detention centres. We remember all this because we have often traveled to Greece, and because we have proudly participated in the many large mobilisations against austerity of the last years.

From the first demonstrations in 2010 to the movements of the squares. From the mobilisations against the memoranda to the electoral campaign that finally swept away the right wing government. A government that preferred to sell Greece to the machinations of neoliberalism rather than fight back. Through all these movements we have stood with our friends and comrades in Greece.

Now we have arrived — together — at this truly historical moment, which will decide not only about the future of all people in Greece, but in Europe. We are united in the hope for a different, a social and democratic Europe from below and for all. We are united in our longing for the arrival of the moment when finally and for the first time, the tables will be turned and the neoliberal, the autocratic, the nationalist and fascist developments in the EU will be stopped. This
moment will not come by itself, it has to be fought for. Like you, we will go through a week of both uncertainty and hope, but like you, we will not succumb to the propaganda that wants to incite panic and desolation. Like you, we will continue to build our networks of solidarity, and continue to struggle.

The developments of last weekend have demonstrated clearly that it has never been the intention of the EUropean institutions to negotiate in good faith. It is them who were playing a game, but it is a deadly game aimed at squashing a popular movement against neoliberalism, austerity and authoritarianism. With their reaction to the announcement of the referendum, they have dropped the mask. Their references to the European spirit, to solidarity and democracy are hollow and false. For what could be more democratic than a popular vote to decide — collectively — about the future? What could be more in a spirit of solidarity than to renounce further cuts in the systems of social security?

Even though most of us are not able to participate in this vote, we will take our own vote. We will shout out or No, our Oxi in our cities, in our streets all over Europe. Together, we will embark on this journey in uncharted waters, and together, we will arrive at the shores of a different, at a truly social and democratic europe for all. We are counting on you to deliver a powerful message to Europe next weekend, just as you can count on us to stand with you.

A Yes is a Yes to austerity and authoritarianism. A No is a Yes to a social and democratic Europe for all.

Demo Blockupy Frankfurt: 3.7.2015 ab 18:00 Oranienplatz


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