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Asylum KHALED, an Eritrean asylum seeker was stabbed to death on January 12th 2015 in the city of Dresden, Germany … and once again the German police seem to be blindfolded about obvious violence in the death of another Black person in White Old Germany

KHALED was found dead in the inner courtyards of the suburb panel estates of Leubnitz-Neuostra in Dresden. His body was covered in blood caused by a
deep injury to his neck and additionally blood was…coming out of his nose and mouth, with drops of blood leading towards the door as if he’d tried to get in, but not made it, and drops on the grass, as a friend was cited by the The Guardian yesterday (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015
/jan/15/pegida-dresden-eritrean-refugee-murder-far-right-germany). Although the post-mortem examination revealed a number of vicious knife stabs to his neck and chest, the physician and the police at the crime scene officially denied any possible involvement of so called third parties. Instead they assumed the fatal injury to be an open fracture of the collarbone which was said to have been caused by downfall or suicide or another sickness with bleeding tendency. Crime scene investigations were thereby delayed for more than 30 hours.

The first and foremost questions of the Black Community to the German police are therefore once again based on reasons of prejudice due to the violent death of yet another non-German non-white: How can someone assume such a fatal injury and deny third party involvement with no criminal investigation at the scene of the incident? How could they possibly exclude the possibility that the victim was kicked or pushed into death? How could multiple stab wounds on the body of the murdered victim have escaped notice of the physician and the police respectively?

Friends and flat mates of Khaled describe him as a kind and peaceful man who fled from Eritrea via Sudan several months ago. They themselves feel scared and are anxious not only since the fatal incident. They reported on being spat on and given the finger in the city for many times particularly on Mondays, when the anti-immigrant and anti-islamist protesters of so called PEGIDA are out in the streets with a number of 25,000 the very day of Khaled’s murder. 3 days ago a swastika was drawn on the front door of their 2nd floor apartment accompanied by the threat We will get you all!. Even before the incident swastikas had been daubed around the hallways and painted over again several times. Khaled and his friends had experienced Germany to be hostile against them, but the
situation in Eritrea had been more insufferable for them that’s why they came here to seek refuge.

Xenophobic agitation within the German society is widely accompanied by racist ignorance and a cover-up mentality by state authorities like the police, prosecution offices and even as far as judges in courts. Despite numerous killings of Black non-Germans through the hands of police officers (like Oury Jalloh, who was burnt alive in police custody in the city of Dessau or Lama Alaye Conde, who was suffocated by forceful application of emetic fluid into his lungs in the city of Bremen and many more) including the racist institutionalized failure of the police and prosecution offices connected to the NSU-complex, there is still no
independent commission for complaints against the police in Germany.

The Black Community of Germany therefore strongly supports the demands of Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE) London:

  • Conduct an autopsy examination in a transparent manner;
  • Bring the perpetrators of the abominable killing of a vulnerable refugee to justice;
  • Arrange an appropriate burial of Mr. Bahray in the presence of his family and his friends;
  • Provide counselling to the friends with whom he lived;
  • Provide the Eritrean refugee community in the area with adequate
  • protection measures.


We will never stop to unveil Germany’s continuous warfare mentality, its authorized misconduct against and abuse of refugees in the name of white supremacy and migrants, as well as its repetitive institutionalized failure to provide appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture, or ethnic origin amounting to discrimination through prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness, racist stereotyping and even racist murder. We will make sure that there will be no place to hide for the perpetrators of the state!

Black Community East Germany

Contact: thevoiceforum@gmx.de
The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena

In memory of Oury Jalloh [2005, Dessau]

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